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Comfortable Modern Luxury Design

Specializing in space planning for the best design of your home from kitchens to baths to living.

The Woman Behind the Design

I am Denise, Founder/Principal Designer of A-Jay Interiors by Dee.

As a passionate Interior Designer with an incredible attention to detail, I specialize in combining lifestyle, personal needs, and the space you live in to create a home that is uniquely yours.

My motto “let your space reflect your lifestyle”

From a studio apartment to a sprawling suburban mansion there is no space too small or too large. Space planning and floor plan layouts are all part of my design process. This is where I create effective and functional spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Founder/Principal Designer

A-Jay Interiors by Dee

What others have to say... 

Each room was bright, clean and honest to my desire and vision for an inviting, warm, energizing and healing space. 

T. Baretto


Loyal, committed and confident in the quality of work that is displayed. 

K. Carr


Denise reconfigured my modular furniture in my family room to fit the expansive space, making it homey and inviting.

J. Chandler


We are proud clients of Denise and absolutely LOVE our kitchen design, the cool color scheme and our custom marble tabletop

D. Tate


Are you ready to create a home that fits your lifestyle?

Consultation Packages

My on-site consultations are a walk through focused on possibilities, and what your next best steps will be in transforming your space.

Discovery Call 

Everyone begins with a Discovery Call. During your call I want to know more about you and your lifestyle. I want to know about those living with you, and I want to know about the space you are looking to transform to create a space that fits you all beautifully.

Design Packages

My design packages are customized to each project, and provide steps necessary to create the beautiful space that fits your needs.

When you imagine your Dream Kitchen what do you see?

Do you imagine a Classic and Timeless design, Elegant and Artistic, or maybe something else entirely! Let us help you discover your Kitchen Design Style!